The Ultimate Crypto Trading Game

Learning Experience – Crypto Trading
  • Begin trading with real crypto-currency data.

  • Test out your strategies before deploying them in the real world.

Challenge your friends, family and colleagues…
  • Determine, once and for all, who the most effective crypto trader is.

  • Pit your skills against those you know & match up against worldwide competition

  • Create your own Fantasy League and share with friends and family.

It’s fun, exciting and you’re not playing with real money

Technology Which You Can Control

A Fantasy League Crypto Trading Game

By Elephant Ninja - The Crypto Gaming Co.

The App allows a user to create their own league (private or public) to test their skills in crypto trading. A user may also join a league created by another user. Once a user has joined a league they can create a portfolio by trading (buy and sell) crypto. Each league starts with a predetermined amount of USD (set by the league owner).

Each league starts on a date determined by the league owner and ends on the date set by the owner. The league owner selects which crypto are available to trade for the league. Currently 30 crypto coins are available to choose from.

After the league has ended the results are emailed to each member of the league.
Rankings are based on % gain, or loss, over the period of the league.

Real data is retrieved from CoinMarketCap to display the current portfolio value of a user.

Trade Crypto – Real crypto prices

Create your own leagues

Match your trading skills against those of your friends

Determine the ultimate crypto trading ninja


Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

How do you play this game?

Register & Log In

Your privacy is important to us. We do not, nor will we, share your data with 3rd parties for ay reason.

Create a League

Create a league and open it up to everyone to join or add a password and just share it with your friends and colleagues.

Begin Trading

Buy and Sell crypto for any 1 of 30 coins, using real crypto prices but stay within your pre-determined budget!

When the league ends, see who the winner is and celebrate together...
Watch co-founder, Kevin Wilson, describe what My Crypto League is and how it works

We've Come a Long Way

We've learned...

We've innovated...

We've had fun doing it...

and now...

We want to share it with you!

Elephant Ninja was found by 2 crypto enthusiasts, Stuart and Kevin, in 2017. The vision was simple: "We need a fun-filled app that will bring crypto-trading to the masses, without have to lose your hard-earned fiat currency" - Yes we speak Crypto rather well...

Back then bitcoin was going to the moon... we were HODL'ing for dear life....

Elephant Ninja joined forces with MOURI Tech to develop the application. With a dedicated team of designers and developers, in the USA and India, the app became a reality in August 2019.

Now we invite you to join us on this exciting journey together by downloading the app today.


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