• Kevin Wilson

Our 2nd release, Version 1.1, released 7/15/2019!

We launched the new released of our “My Crypto League” app today. The changes included the following:

  1. News and extended help – Keeping you up to date with what’s happening right from the app

  2. Statistics overview – See who is playing on the app – We respect your privacy so don’t fill out the details on your profile if you don’t want to be included in the statistics – Your personal details are never made available to anyone and will never be sold!

  3. The opening video of our cool Elephant Ninja only shows once for the first time you load the application. Although we love the “Elephant Ninja” we recognize that some folks just want to get right in and play the game

  4. Bug fixes:

  • Some issues with trading were resolved

  • Issues with ranking were resolved

  • Improved notification

  • Improved screen usage / layout and clarity of colors

We hope that these changes make the game more enjoyable – Please feel free to leave us your feedback – Thanks for playing

The Elephant Ninja team